Motorhomes (or campers) are usually reserved for those that have lots of money to spend. But then we are talking of new units here. Enter Camper Sales.

Interested in a second hand motor home to ensure a luxury holiday everywhere in Southern Africa? Take a moment to browse this site. We offer 2014 and upwards ex-rental motorhomes for sale. Here you can find all the specs, photos and pricing of the available motor homes, as well as additional info about campers.

This site is here to create awareness that there are other options than going on holiday using a chalet, a caravan, or tent. Purchasing a second hand good condition camper can provide you with an alternative to enjoying Southern Africa and its wide open spaces whilst having all the luxuries close at hand.

If you are interested, browse this site to know more about campers, and contact us anytime per e-mail address or by phone. There are only a limited amount of motor homes available. All are ex-rental, in ready condition and are guaranteed for 1 month or 1000 kms. Full service histories of all models are available.

See our very special 2017 model 4x4 motorhome for sale here

Last updated on 25 September 2018

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