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Campers for sale South Africa

Interested in an used motorhome or camper to ensure a luxury camping holiday in style in southern Africa?

Call it Glamping – Glamorous camping.

Take a moment to browse this site. We offer 2015 and upwards ex-rental campers for sale. Here you will find all the specs, photos and pricing of the available motorhomes, as well as additional info about our 4×4 campers on offer. 

Motorhomes (or campers) are usually reserved for those that have lots of money to spend. But then we are talking of new units here. We offer quality and well-maintained ex-rental campers and motorhomes from the fleet of Bobo Campers through our website Camper Sales.

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Our Camper Sales website is here to create awareness that there are other options than going on holiday using a chalet, a caravan, or tent. Purchasing a second hand good condition camper can provide you with an alternative to enjoying Southern Africa and its wide open spaces whilst having all the luxuries close at hand.

Our 4×4 campers and motorhomes are maintained to the highest possible standards. Our workshops are Iveco SA approved and also feature diagnostic equipment required to keep all our models in top shape. We supply a vehicle service history with all models sold, so a record is presented of all units during their life in the Bobo Campers rental fleet.  All units are purchased new when they start their lives as campers, so at the time of selling you will be the second owner (with exception of one unit – a 2015 Discoverer FunX, fleet number FX18, which was purchased as a used unit with 10,000kms).

If you are interested, browse this site to know more about campers and contact us anytime per e-mail address or by phone. 

There are only a limited amount of motorhomes available. All are ex-rental, in ready condition and are guaranteed for 1 month or 1000 kms. 

Full service histories of all models are available.

We are closely assosiated with the following companies to give you top service and peace of mind with every purchase