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Bobo Camper Sales delivery & conditions

The final mileage can only be determined once they are ready for selling. Mileage determines the final selling price and is calculated in brackets as follows (the higher the mileage bracket, the lower the price):

  • Mileage between 110 and 130,000kms
  • Mileage between 130 and 150,000kms
  • Mileage between 150 and 170,000kms
  • Mileage between 170 and 190,000kms
  • Mileage between 190 and 210,000kms
  • Mileage over 210,000kms

All our vehicles will be in a good condition. Fair wear and tear expected. Most people that purchase a motorhome from us become regular customers since we also offer servicing, accessory upgrades and other maintenance.

We also offer a 1000km or 1 month warranty for electrical and mechanical issues (fair wear-and-tear expected), whichever comes first.

Fuel consumption is very dependant on the driver. a Driver taking it easy at 100km/h can expect a consumption of around 11lt per 100km. However, at 120km/h it can climb to around 13lt per 100km.

Included in all units sold:

  • COR road worthiness certificate (required for transferring vehicle onto new owners’ name).
  • Our service history compilation while the units were in their rental life.
  • Warranty against breakdown or mechanical/electrical failure: 1000km or 1 month (whichever comes first).
  • Basic crockery.
  • 15m power lead.
  • 1x full gas bottle.

Tyres with tread of 4mm (40%) or less will be replaced with tyres that have more tread.
Different tyre brands could be possible.
If next service is less than 5,000km away, we will also conduct an oil change.
Minor scratches and/or damages could be present.

Accessories like tow bars, Fiamma security handles, 220V exterior Fredin plugs, 3.5 Meter Fiamma awnings & Privacy Rooms, Alden 12V self-searching satellite dishes and Thule entrance steps also available (find most of these items on – our online shop).

Installation costs of awning, security handle, towbar and satellite dish are free when ordered with a used camper before handover takes place. All fitments required afterwards will have installation charges. These include:

  • Reverse camera‚Äôs.
  •  220V Fredlin exterior connectors.
  • Thule entrance steps.
  • If not already fitted to the vehicle, a separate tow bar wiring harness is required to be purchased.

We also conduct after-sales maintenance at our depot. This includes:

  • Lubrication services.
  • Timing belt replacements.
  • Brakes and shocks replacement.
  • Diagnostic read-outs and fault-finding (Iveco-based models only).
  • Electrical repairs.
  • Tyre replacement and balancing.
  • Fibreglass repairs.