Great quality ex-fleet motorhomes and 4x4 campers for sale directly to the public

Terms and Conditions Camper Sales

The final mileage can only be determined at selling time.
Pricing includes 15% VAT.
All our vehicles will be in a good condition. Fair wear and tear expected.
We do not offer in-house finance. We can arrange finance for you if required.


Holding deposits paid for any unit is valid for 14 days. If the motorhome or camper is not paid for within this time, the deposit and any other paid amounts will be refunded. Minimum deposit to secure your unit of choice is R10,000.
Please take note that if accessories were ordered and have already been installed by our workshops, a handling fee of 10% of the accessory cost will apply.

Our promise

Most people that purchase a motorhome or 4×4 camper from us become regular customers since we also offer servicing, accessory upgrades and other maintenance.

Discoverer 4 & 6: Selling price includes: Iveco Daily camper chassis, 80 Lt 220V/12V Engel fridge/freezer, 220V rear LG air con, microwave, gas stove, 1x gas bottle, lock up safe, all cushions and curtains, basic crockery, rear batteries, 15m power lead, 220V water geyser and Thetford chemical cassette toilet.

Discoverer FunX 4×4: Selling price includes: Nissan NP300 LWB single cab 4×4 chassis, 80 Lt 220V/12V Engel fridge/freezer, gas stove, gas bottle, lock up safe, all cushions and curtains, basic crockery, rear battery, 15m power lead and Thetford cassette toilet.

All models: No awnings are fitted on any of the models, but are available as an after-market fitment. See and/or for more info on available accessories available at our South African depots.

Also find items like Project2000 entrance steps (manual or electric), Alden self-searching satellite dishes, tow bars, external 220V plugs and much more.

Included in all Camper Sales units sold:

Service history provided with each camper delivered.
Road worthiness certificate also provided.
1,000 km or 1 month whichever comes first guarantee.
Regret no trade-ins.
COR road worthiness certificate (required for transferring vehicle onto new owners’ name).
Our service history compilation during their rental life.
Warranty against breakdown or mechanical/electrical failure: 1000km or 1 month (whichever comes first).
Basic crockery.
15m power lead.
1x full gas bottle.
Tyres with tread of 4mm (40%) or less will be replaced with tyres with more tread. Different tyre brands could be possible.
If next service is less than 5,000km away, we will also conduct an oil change.

What’s excluded:

Installation costs of awning, security handle, tow bar and satellite dish are free when ordered with a used camper before handover takes place. Some items will have small installation charges (cabling and other sundries). These include:
Reverse cameras.
220V Fredlin exterior connectors.
Thule or Project2000 entrance steps.
If not already fitted to the vehicle, a separate tow bar wiring harness is required to be purchased when ordering a tow bar.

We also conduct after-sales maintenance at our depots. This includes:

Lubrication services.
Timing belt replacements for Iveco models.
Brakes and shocks replacement.
Diagnostic read-outs and fault-finding – Iveco models only.
Electrical repairs.
Tyre replacement and balancing.
Fibreglass repairs.

Terms and Conditions Camper Sales - take the long way home